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Leave Me Alone, I’m Manifesting

I’m terrible at manifesting (or scripting as it’s called on TikTok.). That is, the concept of thinking aspirational thoughts with the idea that the positive energy will help you turn your intentions into reality. It’s not that I don’t believe in having a positive...

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Of Halifax Cocktails and Celebrating Wins

I apologize for missing the last two Friday updates, but I was on vacation! My awesome husband treated me to a week in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Because everyone heads north in the winter, right?  Actually, he gifted me a writing retreat with my bestie, Donna Alward...

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This Week in 1965

(Author’s note: I’m currently shopping my historical fiction novel set in 1965. From time to time I’ll share some historical stories from that time so you can get a flavor for the period.) Julie Andrews appeared on the cover of Life Magazine to celebrate the premiere...

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Blog: Now Comes the Hard Part

After nearly two years, I typed The End on my manuscript. Pop a cork, throw some confetti and say a cheer! The book is my first mainstream novel and represents a major career shift. The story – about a 1965 Greenwhich Village clique – took a while to gel. It wasn’t...

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