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I’m Back!

Did you miss me? Two and a half months ago, I announced that I was “Going Narrow”, meaning I was going to limit my focus to the Step into the Story videocast and writing my next historical fiction. Marketing, social media, and “platform building” would take a back...

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Going Narrow and Leaving Substack

Two weeks into 2024, I got the green light to proceed with a proposal I’d submitted about Syndrome K, a real-life imaginary disease created by Italian doctors as a way of hiding Jewish citizens from the Nazis.  This good news meant a giant shift in my 2024 timeline....

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Of Pizza, Books, and Going Viral

A few weeks ago, Dave Portnoy, owner of Barstool Sports, posted a video review about the pizza at my friend’s bar. For those who don’t know, Barstool Sports is a podcasting, video, and blogging empire known for its rabid fanbase, controversy, and yes, pizza reviews....

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Two Reviews and a Rant

Happy First Friday of 2024!  First, The Reviews December is never a big reading month for me. Making the holidays happen takes up too much time. Plus, I was researching for my new book which meant a lot of my free time was spent online reading Italian magazines and...

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The Phrase for 2024

Last year, my inspirational word was Everest. Earth’s highest mountain (above sea level) seemed an appropriate metaphor as I strove to conquer a new type of writing. Jumping from genre fiction to book club fiction certainly felt like a climb. What made Everest so...

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November Reading Roundup

Reviews of Titles I Read This Month As I start this, the next to last review column of the year, I’ve realized that there are very few bad books in this world. There are only books that are wrong for the reader. The book I find tedious may be riveting to someone else,...

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