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Of Tenacity and Perseverance

When my son was a young teenager, he dreamed of being an elite-level gymnast. Only one thing held him back: lack of physical ability. “Some gymnasts are strong. Some gymnasts are flexible,” his coach liked to say. “You are neither.” What my son did have was tenacity....

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Thinking Big Picture

My agent search isn’t going great. It’s a competitive industry, and agents are very picky about who they take on. (Fun fact: most agents request less than 1% of the manuscripts queried.)  I’m not deterred. A writing career isn’t built on one manuscript. Writing...

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"Stop Acting So Small. You are the Universe in ecstatic motion." Rumi My husband is the mayor. Rarely is there an event where he doesn’t meet a friend or the friend of a friend. If he doesn’t know anyone, then he’ll make new friends.  Me? I’m Mrs. Cellophane. I’m...

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Listen Linda, It’s Not a Hobby

Last week, I listened to a true crime podcast about a writer who killed her husband. Because she was an independent romance writer, I wasn’t surprised when the hosts made jokes about bodice rippers. Misogynistic, uninformed comments come with the territory. But then,...

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Leave Me Alone, I’m Manifesting

I’m terrible at manifesting (or scripting as it’s called on TikTok.). That is, the concept of thinking aspirational thoughts with the idea that the positive energy will help you turn your intentions into reality. It’s not that I don’t believe in having a positive...

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Of Halifax Cocktails and Celebrating Wins

I apologize for missing the last two Friday updates, but I was on vacation! My awesome husband treated me to a week in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Because everyone heads north in the winter, right?  Actually, he gifted me a writing retreat with my bestie, Donna Alward...

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