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Reading Round-up for February

What do you think of the new heading? I'm still looking for a good midcentury font. This is getting closer. February was an eclectic reading month for me. I found myself sampling everything from self-help to psychological thrillers. Lucky for me, all the books I read...

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Barb’s Book Reviews

Seeing all the posts touting how many books people read in January is making me feel guilty. My reading output was low last month. I managed 4 ½ books. Of course, 1 ½ of those were research books. I blame holiday burnout and vacation. Hard to read when you're...

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Two Reviews and a Rant

Happy First Friday of 2024!  First, The Reviews December is never a big reading month for me. Making the holidays happen takes up too much time. Plus, I was researching for my new book which meant a lot of my free time was spent online reading Italian magazines and...

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Gifts for Writers and Readers

It’s that time of year again! Time for me another Great Gifts for Writers post. This list is different though because it’s curated by me, an actual writer and reader. I have no stake in these items whatsoever. I didn’t receive a free one in exchange of a plug, nor do...

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November Reading Roundup

Reviews of Titles I Read This Month As I start this, the next to last review column of the year, I’ve realized that there are very few bad books in this world. There are only books that are wrong for the reader. The book I find tedious may be riveting to someone else,...

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Recommended Reads, November 2023

There’s something for everyone in this month’s collection of Recommended Reads with RF Kuang’s brilliant satire, Yellowface, at the top of the list. Yellowface by RF Kuang. Three-quarters of the way through Yellowface, the protagonist, June (aka Juniper Song...

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