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Thoughts on a Birthday Weekend

I turned 59 yesterday. Not a milestone birthday, but dangerously close As a result, I found myself spending a good portion of this week taking stock. How do I want to spend the last decades of my life? What changes over the next twelve months to become that person?...

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Of Tenacity and Perseverance

When my son was a young teenager, he dreamed of being an elite-level gymnast. Only one thing held him back: lack of physical ability. “Some gymnasts are strong. Some gymnasts are flexible,” his coach liked to say. “You are neither.” What my son did have was tenacity....

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Thinking Big Picture

My agent search isn’t going great. It’s a competitive industry, and agents are very picky about who they take on. (Fun fact: most agents request less than 1% of the manuscripts queried.)  I’m not deterred. A writing career isn’t built on one manuscript. Writing...

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Listen Linda, It’s Not a Hobby

Last week, I listened to a true crime podcast about a writer who killed her husband. Because she was an independent romance writer, I wasn’t surprised when the hosts made jokes about bodice rippers. Misogynistic, uninformed comments come with the territory. But then,...

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Five Women Authors Over Fifty

Attention colleagues! Are you an older female writer struggling to sell that ‘big book’? Do you felt a nugget of anxiety every time you read about another 30-year-old signing a major publishing deal and wonder if your window of opportunity is rapidly closing?  Fear...

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Why I’m Pursuing Traditional Publishing

A few months ago, I mentioned to a group of authors that I wasn’t interested in independently publishing my historical fiction, and they looked at me like I had two heads. Why on earth, they ask, would I endure the headaches and constraints of traditional...

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